Why we should be careful in how we assess mobile marketing today

Why we should be careful in how we assess mobile marketing today

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As mobile marketing matures, we should take care in how we define it, progressing from using mobile as just a conduit for delivering brand messages to concentrating on the app experience.

That’s the view of Tom Farrell, senior marketing director at mobile marketing automation provider Swrve. The company has just announced record breaking quarter figures, shifting global bookings up 153% on Q414 and snatching customers such as The Guardian, Condé Nast and Microsoft.

Yet if recent figures are to be believed, mobile hasn’t completely pricked the industry’s conscience. A survey from xAd showed only a quarter of ad agency leaders and a fifth of marketers describe mobile marketing as a “top priority.” For Swrve, which asserts it is on the cusp of becoming a “global standard for mobile marketing,” these numbers do not surprise Farrell – but he expects change to come swiftly.

Primarily, he argues, consumers now look to mobile first. “Getting and staying on the smartphone screen is loyalty in today’s environment,” he tells MarketingTech, adding: “The biggest challenge is the second half of that equation – turning curiosity or installs into long-term valuable relationships that are profitable to the business. That requires smart, targeted marketing within the app.”

This is where Swrve comes in, Farrell argues; its mobile engagement platform enables digital marketers to create relevant and timely interactions on mobile devices, leading to more engagement and higher return on investment.

One of the ways in which the proliferation of mobile marketing could increase is through wearable devices. Zac Pinkham, EMEA managing director of Millennial Media, wrote in this publication that as technology becomes more pervasive and embedded into products, brands can make better use of the data available.

Farrell argues the jury is out on wearables, but notes: “We certainly see a role for them in extending the relationship and mobile experience. They add further complexity to the challenge for marketers – less space in which to get that message across, which means greater demand to be smart and sophisticated with messaging.

“I think we should also be careful around how we describe mobile marketing,” he adds. “The Swrve offering is all about perfecting the mobile app experience itself, and building relationships with mobile users. That’s distinct from simply using mobile as a way to deliver brand messages.

“As the world goes mobile, we expect more and more businesses to look to solutions like Swrve to help own the channel.”


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