DIGITAL ADDA is a leading bulk SMS Provider in India. SMS are one of the most convenient ways of

communicating with each other at all times, SMS is quite beneficial for all mobile phone users. SMS comes with plentiful benefits for all type of users, as per the new survey in India 80% people are using mobile phone, since this is the mobile era, BULK SMS is the perfect solution. Now you can promote your business, products & services with the help to Bulk SMS, Following are the Industries that get the benefit of Bulk SMS.

We manage your campaign with customized web based interface, we offer integrated web solution for sending bulk SMS which is easy to use and reliable. We have flexible system those you can send message from any web enabled device. Our system provides facility to manage and create online contact list to resend message anytime. Our system stores your contact list securely and gives you out of office access to operate it. We assure fast and reliable service at low cost per SMS.

Today Many Clients are using our bulk SMS service happily. Now, if you want to host a business and want to campaign your own product in the mass you can come with us because this is a latest weapon in the field of business competition., And we ensure the maximum traffic of potential customers at your door step by providing 24/7 technical support.

Important feature of Bulk SMS:-
  • A single text SMS can be sent to various customers, client can set the number of recipient.
  • Sender can send bulk SMS after getting unique sender ID which is different for each and every users. Sender ID is numeric in nature.eg: LM-510202
  • Instant delivery with sending report is striking feature of bulk SMS.
  • Bulk SMS has 9 am to 9pm delivery window range.
  • Bulk SMS cannot delivered on DND numbers (Do not disturb number).
  • Manage your Address Book / Phone Book.
  • Manage group of users [like friends in one group, client in other group, staff on other group etc.
  • You can send message instantly to any individual user or to a particular group.
  • You can schedule the system to send messages on a particular date and time to individuals or groups.
  • Upload excel sheet, notepad files or .csv files [with number and message] to send messages marketing without making address book.
  • You can schedule once and can send recurring (repeat) message (multiple times like each day, week, month or year), for example once set, message can go to each year on birthday of your friend or to your spouse.
  • We will also provide API for integration with your own applications.
  • This SMS System is not only for personal use, but this is also very effective business tool to send instant notification to you clients.
  • This system is really useful for Schools, Retailers, Agents, Doctors and hospitals, Banks Tour/Travel companies, hosting and other service provider companies.
  • You will get web based software. You can sell the SMS credits to other users on your own custom rates.
  • You do not need to worry about support as the newly create site will allow them to login and send SMS.